Our Story

In 1989, one year after earning his MPT in Physical Therapy, Paul Martin and two partners founded their own outpatient rehab company. After growing their company to 21 clinics they sold it to a large acquirer. In 2000 Paul founded Martin Healthcare Advisors to help other rehab owners achieve similar success by growing and selling their businesses. Martin is now the #1 rehab M&A company in America.

Martin ABA Advisors is dedicated to helping ABA owners achieve extraordinary financial performance without sacrificing clinical excellence. When it’s time to sell your company, our team of experts and our proprietary M&A system will prepare you and your company to win the highest valuation, the best structure and the right acquirer.

What Is Your Top Priority Today?

Evaluate Your Options

Get a current market valuation, compare your 2023 performance to ABA leaders and develop a market positioning strategy for sustainable, profitable growth with our 
Outside-In Assessment

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Grow Profitably

Let our seasoned experts come alongside you and help you overcome the obstacles to achieving steady, profitable growth without sacrificing clinical excellence with our
Growth Consulting

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Sell and Grow

Preparatory Consulting can increase your market value 1.5X-3X, then with synchronized competition you get highest valuation, best structure, right acquirer. That’s our 
Proprietary M&A Process

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