Growth Consulting

Every company progresses through 7 Phases of Growth* during its lifespan. Each phase presents the owner with new, unprecedented opportunities – and challenges. Most owners can only react to these new demands as best they can and hope to succeed through a process of trial and error.

We have taken our own companies through each of these phases successfully, but it wasn’t easy. Now our clients can move through them successfully because they can benefit from the trials and errors of others. They can anticipate and prepare for the challenges of each phase and truly lead the growth of their companies, not just react to it.

After you assess your current situation with our Outside-In Assessment, we will come alongside you and like a partner help you evaluate and address the challenges and opportunities you face each day.

With experience, perspective and a bias for structure + innovation, we will help you address issues in a wide range of areas, including but limited to:

  1. Attracting, hiring, developing and retaining good people in every position.
  2. Creating a powerful, thriving culture that reflects your values.
  3. Getting the financial results you deserve without sacrificing clinical excellence.
  4. Developing your people so that you can spend more time working “On the Business”.

Our team will provide you with the expert guidance you need to achieve extraordinary financial results in every stage of your company’s growth, from start-up to acquisition partner without sacrificing clinical excellence.


                                                                 *Contact Jenna to learn more about the 7 Stages of Growth.

Let us help you reach all of your goals.

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