Preparatory Consulting -
Achieving Transformation Before The Sale

Our M&A Team specializes in executing highly successful transactions. Our Preparatory Consulting Team specializes in achieving transformations before the sale process begins. Transformations that routinely double or even triple a company’s value without sacrificing clinical excellence or the other values that are so important to an owner and his or her staff.

Our consultants have already built and sold their own companies. Today their passion is working side-by-side with fellow owners to take their good companies to a higher level of performance and realize the full financial return they deserve when they sell.

Most owners have not prepared their companies to offer today’s sophisticated buyers exactly what they are paying top dollar for right now:

  1. The Highest Possible EBITDA
  2. The Lowest Possible Risk
  3. Reliable, Profitable Future Growth

For this reason, focusing on the transaction without a preparatory transformation can cost a typical owner hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars left on the table.

Our process of operational and financial transformation has been refined during hundreds of client engagements and decades of industry experience. It is structured, straightforward and disciplined. Our Outside-In Assessment will show you the range of value transformation that could be possible for your company. 

Recent Client Results with Preparatory Consulting

Find Your Company’s “Hidden” Extra Value

Our consultants have built and sold their own companies very successfully. They will work right by your side until the full financial value of your company is realized.

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